„My most important task is advising a plan of action to my clients - and following through by providing the skills necessary for implementation.“

I counsel clients on the development and management of their intellectual property assets and the introduction of new products. Whether it is about achieving specific business objectives or long-term business goals, I combine cost-effective strategies with know-how and service to cover your intellectual property needs.

I can assess or develop a patent portfolio and patent strategy with you, and assist your General Counsel and/or Chief Technology Officer.

  • What/when/where to patent – I can lead or assist your patent prosecution. I have experience in drafting and prosecuting patents, evaluating technology and overseeing global patent prosecution. As an engineer and lawyer, I will collaborate effectively with your R&D groups and my experience will ensure that your company works efficiently with qualified intellectual service providers.
  • Defend/manage/assess/capture value from your patent portfolio or build one – I can establish and maintain effective programs for identifying and patenting key innovations.
  • Local or global patenting – For businesses with a local or an international outlook in their trade, I know how to manage global intellectual property portfolios, and have the international credentials.
  • I can assist in the assessment of intellectual property assets in due diligence for acquisitions.

I can assist you in a wide range of technology licensing and intellectual property transactions that are typically needed in corporations, technology transfer offices or startups. Whether it is a patent sale, technology collaboration agreements with industry or universities, help with open source licensing issues and processes or even Standard Essential Patent (SEP) advice, I can help.

I evaluate potential litigation risks through the evaluation of the scope, validity and enforceability of patents and suggest strategies for avoiding litigation. If litigation or arbitration cannot be avoided, I ensure that you get cost-effective and competent litigation representation.

I support all your intellectual property matters. My broad experience allows me to advise you on how to deal with various other issues, small or large, that may arise in intellectual property: trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition. And if I need outside support, I know where to find the most competent persons.

Conflict-free and confidential advice, or second opinions: As an attorneys, I adhere to a strict duty of confidentiality and a duty to avoid any client conflicts of interests. I am regulated by the Illinois bar association, the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority for England & Wales, and the Supervisory Commission of Lawyers in Zurich.

Do you have a smaller portfolio or are a startup? Look at Patent Counsel as a Service.

Patent Counsel as a Service

For companies with smaller intellectual property portfolios and startup companies, it is difficult to have full-time in-house expertise in intellectual property. To achieve your long-term business goals, I believe that consistency and good access to intellectual property know-how is preferable to by-the-hour mandates.

I provide access to the skills and the experience necessary in a cost-effective “patent counsel as a service” model that matches your business needs for intellectual property. With engineering and law degrees, I speak the language of law and technology, the language of my clients.

Startup companies and SMEs often face significant intellectual property risks regarding their liability and exposure, but also because innovations regularly arise and, if not addressed, may be permanently lost. At CZF Consulting, I counsel startup companies and entrepreneurs from initial concepts onward.

I counsel my clients on all intellectual property matters.

Core Technologies

I work to understand your technology and will closely cooperate with your R&D. I am an engineer and bring a high degree of technical competence. My strong academic and practical engineering background helps us to secure and protect my clients’ rights concerning a wide range of technologies and products. I speak the language of your engineers and your lawyers.

My primary focus is high-tech businesses, e.g., in telecommunications, signal processing and electronics. I have extensive academic and practical experience in cellular wireless communications, mobile networks, modulation and coding techniques, digital signal processing, satellite communications and other communications technology. Another focus of my work is medical technology, optics and photonics.

No longer is software and IT just a tool of science and engineering. In virtually every technology field, software is ubiquitous and necessary. Let me assist you, whether it is with open-sourcing issues, securing copyrights, licensing or patenting.