Patent Counsel
as a Service

“At CZF Consulting, I work to get broad and comprehensive protection for my clients’ intellectual property.”

I apply my technological and legal expertise to enhance the value of your innovations. Based on a shorter mandate or the longer term “Patent Counsel as a Service” model, get competence, industry experience and capacity for your patent strategy and management without having to hire top personnel full-time. My practice focuses on patents and technology, but I can assist you in all aspects of intellectual property law.


My most important task is advising a plan of action to my clients - and following through by providing the skills necessary for implementation.

Clients are counseled on the development and management of their intellectual property assets and the introduction of new products.

Patent Counsel as a Service

For smaller intellectual property portfolios and startup companies it is difficult to have full-time inhouse expertise that provides breadth and consistency for long-term business development.

Core Technologies

I work to understand your technology and will closely cooperate with your R&D.

I am an engineer and provide a high degree of technical competence. More…